We Get Fired Up for Our Visit to iGNiS Glass Studio

With a recent and rare day off from school, Chattamom, the Little, and I decided to make a trip to a place we’ve been wanting to visit for a while now. We were really fired up about this place, literally. Today’s adventure took us to iGNiS Glass Studio on Broad Street in downtown Chattanooga. We had heard many things about this being a great place to take littles for a fun hands-on experience. Your visit provides the opportunity to help create, with the expert guidance of a glass blow pro, a one-of-a-kind, heirloom glass ornament. We checked out the informative iGNiS website before we went, so we had a really good idea of what to expect. We knew that we would be able to pick colors that could be added to our ornament and started thinking of what we wanted them to resemble. The Little, as you may have previously read, is bigtime into outer space, so his ornament would, of course, represent a planet. Mine, naturally, would be infused with the beloved Orange and White of dear old UT, my alma mater. This was gonna be good! Appointments are preferred prior to your visit (423-265-2565), so Chattamom made the call. Upon arrival, you walk through the actual glass production area warmed by the 2080 degree furnaces. Check-in for your appointment is inside the gallery. Once you’ve paid your $40 fee (ornament prices vary depending on style), it’s time to get down to the serious business of heirloom creation. Our glass blow pro was Matt Thomas, who was personable and informative. He walked us through the entire process. As you would expect, safety is a paramount concern around the furnaces. So, fun safety glasses are chosen and where and where not to stand are pointed out. The Little was first up and chose the cobalt and orange colors for his “planet orb”. The molten hot glob (not the technical term, mind you) comes out and gets dipped into the color pellets. From there, the process goes quickly. Take it all in as your little will first, get a chance to slowly turn the glowing globe in the furnace and then, do the actual blowing into the tube that helps create the eventual sphere. A glass loop is added and the ornament is complete. The ornament must then cool overnight. Finished ornaments are picked up the next day or can be shipped for just $5. The Little loved this experience. He got to do just enough to be involved in the actual creation of the ornament without having to worry about the more technical aspects of the process. In the end, Chattamom and I made the pragmatic decision that my ornament would probably be better suited for display in our kitchen. So, the Orange and White took a backseat to a more appropriate color combo called “Emerald and Granny”. We highly recommend a visit to iGNiS Glass Studio with your littles. It’s a perfect blend of making family memories that results in a tangible, unique keepsake from the experience. The Little Details: Area: Downtown Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 10am-5pm, Friday & Saturday 11am-7pm Location: 409 Broad Street Chattanooga, TN 37402 Parking: Street Cost: Ornament prices start at $40 Phone: 423.265.2565 Appointments preferred Website: www.ignisglass.com Gallery entrance Check in at the Gallery for your appointment. Fun eyewear Pick out some fun safety eyewear. Color options Your color options are on display. Color pellets Color pellets are added. Blow Pro Matt, our glass blow pro. Turning the globe Turning the globe in the furnace. Blowing the glass The actual “blowing” part of the process. Hot Loop The hanging loop gets added last. Finished_ornaments The finished ornaments: Emerald & Granny and Cobalt & Orange

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