The Little Celebrates Turning 5 at the Challenger Center

The little has been into outer space for a few years now. After a great experience with the Challenger Center Space Tots Camp, we were thrilled to hear they also host birthday parties!

We jumped at the chance to really get the space theme taken to another level. We discovered that the Challenger Center could customize the party and tailor it to the age of our guests.  We booked it and the day finally arrived.

Racheal DeFriese, who makes Space Camp so exciting, worked her magic by keeping the pre-K crowd entertained and engaged throughout the party.  There were some great moments. She snuck in a Newtonian physics lesson without anyone even noticing they were learning on a sunny Saturday morning. The kids loved creating and launching their film canister rockets. We were then ready to launch off to the International Space Station. We received our mission briefing and Rachel very delicately explained the history behind the Challenger Center. It was a special way to remember the Challenger mission in a way that small children could understand.

Then we blasted off for our trip to the Space Station. Again, the kids had a great time doing different science and space experiments in the shuttle and lab simulators. Upon returning to earth, we reassembled in the large party room for snacks and a little more play time.

This is such a great location for a unique and memorable party. They also offer options to handle a portion of the party prep if you so desire. I may have gone a little overboard with the theme on ours. I blame Pinterest.

If you are looking for a fun and unique party for your 3-13 year-old little, this one is out of this world!

Chattalittle Turns 5!

Chattalittle Turns 5!

Chattalittle and the Rocket Cake

Chattalittle and the Rocket Cake

Chattalittle Rocket

Rocket Race

Space Station Chattalittle

International Space Station

Chattalittle Cookies

Space Cookies

Chattalitle Side Table

Rocket Fuel

Commander Racheal

Commander Racheal

Chattalittle Birthday

Cupcake Rocket

Chattalittle at the Challenger Center

Experiment Time

A Little Geometry for Good Measure.

A Little Geometry for Good Measure.

I’ve included the vendors I used for our party below.

Since I am a little theme obsessed I wanted to make sure I could reuse some of the décor. The cupcake rocket and the “tablecloths” are actually a toy rocket and space themed bedding which were gifted to the birthday boy.

Venue Challenger STEM Learning Center
Cake, cupcakes, and cookies  The Chocolate Box
Personalized space t-shirt Pocketbaby on Etsy
Telescope and Planet Jupiter bowl/cake plateHome Goods I painted the inside of a round glass bowl and glued a sliver circular platter to the rim.
Space Themed Table cloths & Lamp Target Space Bedding
Photography – Tricia Marie Photography, Kay Adams
Clipart Graphics for Banner and Invitation – JW Illustrations on Etsy
Rocket Cupcake Holder –  Amazon

The Little’s Favorite Space Toys and Books

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