Santa at the Knitting Mill in Chattanooga

Chattanooga's Santa at the Knitting Mill Santa

Chattanooga’s Santa at the Knitting Mill Santa

We made it to Thanksgiving before having a visit with Santa. This week we could wait no longer and decided it was time to go on a Santa Search. There are some obvious choices where we might find the jolly one, but we decided when in Chattanooga you go to Chattanooga’s Santa. We found him at The Knitting Mill in the NorthShore which was a perfect setting for our visit. This was a great visit for several reasons. The Chattanooga Santa has been at work in town for many years and is just plain great at being Santa. Additionally, the Knitting Mill Antiques Mall is an interesting and historical place to visit. I could have spent hours just looking at every shelf and display. KJ even enjoyed looking around at the different antiques and collectibles.

This was also a great place to visit with Santa because there wasn’t a long line (even if there is when you go, the shopping should make the wait much easier)

Santa spent time chatting with KJ and we never felt rushed. He also got a little treat during the visit.

We Believe if you are looking for a nice visit with Santa in a unique setting, you will enjoy a trip to the Knitting Mill Antiques.

Little Details:
Location: 205 Manufacturers Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405
Websites: Santa’s , Knitting Mill Antiques
Hours: Sunday through Friday 12PM to 6PM, Saturday 10AM to 6PM
Photos: $25.00 and up. $12.00 Groupon available for a limited time.
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