Project Ready for School

Are your littles registered for Project Ready for School? This program is provided by the United Way of Chattanooga. Our pediatrician introduced us to it when KJ was just a few months old, and we have seen so many benefits from it ever since.

Chattanooga for Kids

Ready for School

Imagination Library  – This incredible program will send an age appropriate book from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library to your child each month until their 5th birthday. There is no charge for this and the books are a combination of old classics and newer works. It is a like a gift to your child each month.

Learning Checkups – We did our first Learning Checkup when KJ turned a year old. We were sent a 6 page questionnaire that included questions about things such as how he moved, interacted with objects and his environment. We quickly received a scored summary based on our answers. Each year around his birthday we would receive another Ages and Stages Questionnaire® that was appropriate for his age. There are so many things that make this checkup worthwhile.

First I really try not to compare KJ to other kids, but it is nice to see what milestones he should achieve around each age to prepare him for school.

Every year there has been at least one item that I was reminded to work with him on based on the questionnaire. I kind of forgot to teach him how to button his clothes. His wardrobe is pretty much button-free. And even though we bought a dressing monkey very early on, I didn’t exactly remember to work with him on it.

For completing the questionnaire you will receive a free family pass to the Creative Discovery Museum.

In addition to the score sheet and museum pass, you will also receive a helpful list of age appropriate activities to do with your child.

It is even a better process now as the assessment can be completed online here.

I highly recommend taking the time to register for this program. The only investment is the time it takes to complete and the rewards are well worth it.

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