Mellow Mushroom Waterside

Dining in Chattanooga with Kids Mellow Mushroom Waterside

Dining in Chattanooga with Kids Mellow Mushroom Waterside

Today we are adding a new restaurant section to Chattalittle. It seemed fitting that, in addition to providing information about free and discounted kid’s dining, we should also share some details about how kid-friendly area restaurants can be. I am including the little details that are important to us when dining out. For instance, we like some noise when we dine out and love outdoor seating. No, we may not be preparing the little for formal dining situations yet. But, he just turned four and we can get a little loud.

When KJ started eating solid food, we decided that we would expose him to different types of cuisine and steer away from kid’s menus. That worked well… never. He was a finicky eater from early on. Even kid’s menus didn’t usually interest him nor did food, in general, for that matter.

He is finally opening up to more dining options. This is good as our food section would have been primarily about apples and Cheerios.

It only seemed fitting that our first review would be his favorite restaurant, the Mellow Mushroom Waterside. We are actually quite relieved that this is a favorite. They offer a menu that we can all enjoy which includes their yummy and unique pizzas, salads, and sandwiches. They do offer a kid’s menu with several options, and KJ likes to order on his own now. We have always received friendly service here. And trust me, we visit frequently. Like most places, there are some staff that are just more comfortable around kids and that shows. Ashley is always one of our favorites (yes we have favorites as I mentioned we go a lot :)). You may not always hear that they have gluten-free chicken fingers or Honest juice pouches, but now you know.

The Little Details:
Hours:  Daily 11AM – Midnight
Location: 2318 Lifestyle Way (Near Hamilton Place), Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: 423.468.3737
Atmosphere: Fun, bright murals on the ceiling, music playing, a little noisy, which we like
Boosters/Highchairs: Both
Gluten Free: Yes, chicken fingers but they are not listed on the kid’s menu
Kid’s Cups: This would be our only negative about the MM. The kid’s drink situation is not good. Not everyone there knows that they have juice pouches. If you can get one you are set. Otherwise you will get a 24 oz. paper cup with lid or a small plastic cup with a lid that doesn’t fit. I would recommend bringing a sippy or sport cup just in case, or just go for water. 
Kid’s Menu: Yes, with healthy sides including apples and broccoli. Cost w/drink around $5.50
Outdoor Dining: YES! They have a great outdoor dining area which is huge, covered, and has heaters and fans for changing temperatures. There is also an exit from the patio area.
Stroller Friendly: Yes
Toys/Crayons: Coloring & Puzzle sheet, but no crayons
Restrooms: Changing table, stepping stool at sink
Facebook – Worth a like as they list specials and run contests on their page
WiFi: Yes

Hope you enjoy a visit to Mellow Mushroom Waterside. Chances are we will see you there.

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