Preschool Storytime @ Northgate Library
Oct 24 @ 7:30 PM – Oct 24 @ 8:30 PM

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Preschool Storytime

This is an independent storytime where children sit and listen to stories all by themselves. It is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 years. Preschool storytime is designed to introduce children to books and libraries in a positive, enjoyable way. The program time averages 45 minutes to 1 hour and includes a variety of stories, fingergames, action rhymes and perhaps a craft or film. Along with aiding the development of listening and motor skills, preschool storytime is also a time when children can learn socialization skills with children their own age.

To help provide an optimal learning atmosphere for your child during storytime, we have provided for parents/caregivers the following Storytime Guidelines:

  1. Storytime children should be mature enough to attend storytime without parental supervision. Sometimes only a month or two in your child’s development can make a big difference in his readiness for storytime.
  2. If a child is new to storytime and reluctant to attend without a parent then we suggest that you attend with your child the first one or two times. When parents find it necessary to attend they should participate along with the storytime children by sitting on the floor & interacting with the stories and fingergames. (no cell phones please)
  3. Parents and younger siblings should wait outside the storyroom. We ask that you stay in the library nearby at all times while your child is in storytime to make sure that your child knows where you are and does not feel abandoned.
  4. If you arrive after storytime has already started, send your child in quietly so as not to distract from storytime.
  5. Please notify the library ahead of time if you wish to bring several children. If you have more than 8 children, we ask that you book a separate program. For questions or scheduling, call 757-5314.

Our goal is for everyone to have a good time and help you nurture your child’s love of books and the library.

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